Supporting customers and businesses to improve their financial health is a long-term mission.

Our company values act as our north star, steering our every move as an organisation.

Our Values

These values are the backbone of our company culture. They allow us to stay true to our larger purpose, even as we continue to grow.

Compassion is not a luxury

Everybody has the right to be treated with compassion and respect. We have built an incredibly supportive and understanding team that will listen to each unique situation and find personalised solutions.

Be an open book

Transparency and accountability are more than just buzzwords. We are always honest about charges, we don’t mislead or conceal the truth and we never add interest or fees.

Practise care, don’t preach it

Saying “we care” is not enough. We provide practical support every step of the way with financial education, wellbeing tips and aftercare to help people get out of debt - and stay out.

New ideas fix old problems

We’re rebuilding debt collection from the ground up. That means constantly re-evaluating the status quo and striving to do better every day.

Security relies on integrity

We take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Our systems are secure by design and all personal data is locked, bolted and padlocked.