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A unified debt recovery platform


Customer Experience

Happier customers lead to better recoveries


Customer Service

Help your most vulnerable customers succeed


Customer Data

Learn something new every day

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Connect - Customer Experience

Happier customers lead to better recoveries

With beautiful digital design and modern technology, we put customers at the heart of the debt recovery process. Connect with your customers with the right message, on the right channel, at the right time. Empowered customers and improved relationships equals increased recoveries and reduced churn.

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Engage - Customer Service

Help your most vulnerable customers succeed

Purpose-built AI tools improve operational efficiency, so we can detect customer vulnerability more accurately or manage disputes in a fraction of time leading to lower compliance risk and cost savings. Supercharging our service team with the best tools transforms how we can engage with your customers.

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Analyse - Customer Data

Learn something new about your customers every day

Whether it involves tracking core KPIs, gaining customer-level insights or utilising predictive analytics, through better data you can always understand how your customers are doing. We understand the importance of transparency for your business. You have the right to see everything we are seeing - in real-time.

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Secure by design.
We encrypt every bit of data end-to-end with 2048-bit (at rest and in transit). Each customer account is linked to a random string of letters and numbers so we minimise the risk of spilling personal information. Security is built into every part of our development process. We take a holistic approach to solving security problems utilising machine learning to detect potential vulnerabilities, allowing us to treat the source rather than the symptoms. It should go without saying that we keep all sensitive customer data under maximised security.
GDPR Compliant
ISO27001 Compliant
SSL Certified
Penetration tested
Designed for Social Impact Ophelos is a Pending B Corporation. Social impact is an integral part of our purpose and business model - not just marketing fluff.

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