Reimagining debt collection is just a first step towards a world where everyone is financially educated, empowered and equal.

Ophelos was created to transform how individuals, families and businesses manage their financial health.

Our Story

We have witnessed the problems of debt collection first-hand. Businesses often rely on outdated debt collection agencies who find it difficult to recover outstanding debts, spend too many resources on inefficient operational processes and lack the tools, intelligence and insights to support financially vulnerable customers. Meanwhile, individuals and families feel out of control throughout the debt collection process because of a lack of digital tools for managing their debts, antiquated communication methods used by traditional debt collectors and inflexible repayment options. It was clear something had to change. By marrying customer-centric product development and machine learning technology with a caring, understanding approach, we simplify, digitise and automate the debt collection process and empower businesses and their customers to take control of their financial health.

Our Team

We’re a technology company on a mission to improve financial health for individuals, families and businesses. Our team of researchers, engineers and designers previously built transformative products at companies like Google, Monzo, IBM and ASAPP.
Amon Ghaiumy CEO
Paul Chong COO
Prof. Qingchen Wang Chief Scientist

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