How it works

Manage your debts - whenever, wherever.


We get in touch with you

With Ophelos, it’s easy and safe to sort out your outstanding balance. We contact you because we have been asked to resolve an unpaid debt in your name or at your address by one of our clients (we work with the likes of energy companies, banks, insurances, phone companies...). We use smart technology to work out what day and time is the most convenient to contact you, whether it’s by email, WhatsApp, SMS or post.


You confirm that all details are right

Please check your outstanding balance and who you owe a debt to. It’s really important to us that all of the information we have is correct. In case it’s not, we make it super easy for you to amend it.


Explore tailored options

No two zebras have identical stripes. We have a variety of flexible payment options available so we can find a workable solution for everyone.

Pay now: A quick and easy way to clear your debt. You only pay if you can really afford it.

Pay later: Choose a date within a 30-day window that suits you, at no extra cost. Perfect if you want to line up your salary pay day with the payment date of your debt.

Pay in instalments: Split your payments into smaller bits that work for you. We charge no interest and no fees.

Explore other options: Please speak to us! We are always happy to explore other solutions that fit your needs.


Find solutions easily

We’ve made it quick and easy for you to find everything you need online. Get started Simply enter your 6 digit reference code via the link above and you’ll be able to:

  • View the details of your balance
  • Compare different payment options and set up a plan
  • Tell us if there is a problem
  • Find support if you’re in a difficult situation