Customer Experience

Happier customers lead to better recoveries

Connect with your customers through digital channels and put them at the heart of the debt recovery process.

Next-generation customer experience

Intelligent communications

We use machine learning to determine the most effective and convenient way to contact a customer. That means we can pinpoint a method, date and time that the user will be most likely to engage with us.
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Tailored payment plans

We offer your customers personalised payment plans that work around their situation and affordability. Customers finally have full freedom over their choices: to pay upfront, at a date that suits, in smaller instalments, or explore other options.

Budget assessment via Open Banking

Budget assessments are known to be notoriously cumbersome and inefficient operational processes for customers and businesses alike. To fundamentally transform the budget assessments process, we use a combination of Open Banking and machine learning to deduce incomes and expenditures from your customers' banking activity.
Payment options

A solution for everyone

Our flexible payment plans cater to every customer. We make it quick and easy to pay upfront if they can afford it. Alternatively, customers can also delay payments for up to 30 days, break the outstanding balance into more manageable instalments or explore other options, such as breathing space.
  • Pay Now
  • Pay Later
  • Payment Plans

Budget Assessments

Understanding a customer’s affordability is essential to crafting an appropriate payment plan. Budget Assessments are notoriously cumbersome but we are using a mixture of great design, gamification, Open Banking and machine learning to significantly improve the process. Open Banking gives us the ability to quickly analyse a customer’s income and expenditure to seamlessly match purchase behaviour to the correct spending categories.

Reduce compliance risk

Our main goal is providing a great customer experience. Our customer journey was designed in partnership with compliance experts to achieve fair outcomes for your customers and stay fully in line with FCA regulatory standards.