Turning AI into action

We use machine learning and behavioural science to improve customer engagement and debt recovery.

Existing goals, better technology.

Ophelos' focus is customer-centered.
Our product design and development process revolves around delivering measurable outcomes that benefit you and your customers - instead of shoe-horning technology into your organisation for the sake of it.

Increased Engagement

The Ophelos Decision Engine is optimised to increase customer engagement. We identify customers with the highest propensity to engage and create bespoke engagement strategies based on different available criteria and data points.
Through our decision engine outputs we can get in touch with customers when it's most convenient for them by identifying the best:
  • Dates
  • Times
  • Communication channels (i.e. email, SMS or letter)
Our proven method leads to higher engagement rates, increased recovery rates and improved customer satisfaction.

Human behaviour unlocked

Behavioural science is integral to our customer-centric approach. We have taken the time to understand how we can encourage customers to engage with their debt and guide them to achieve the best results. We work with behavioural scientists to implement heuristics in our journeys that strive to:
Guide customers seamlessly to their best suited outcome
Motivate customers to commit to repayments
Empower customers to think about their financial health long-term

Payment Plans

Customers who can’t pay their debts in full and need a bit more time, can easily set up affordable payment plans to manage their debts over a longer period.
We can perform fully digital Budget Assessments that give us the best insights on a customer’s affordability.
Powered by Open Banking our budget assessments are trouble-free and accurate
Our real-time two way digital messaging system allow us to guide customers through the process
Setting up payment plans or accepting upfront payments are a breeze through our digital platform.

Identify Vulnerability

Olive, our smart language analyst, is built on cutting-edge Natural Language Processing models that are trained to interpret human expressions and indicate a customer’s potential vulnerability.
Olive analyses any communication with customers and flags potential issues so that our customer operations team can offer the right help at the right time.
Provide customers with vulnerabilities or disabilities with solutions that are appropriate for their individual situation (for example breathing space).
More about Olive

Customer Insights

Helping customers improve their financial health involves much more than just the debt collection process. It is part of a journey that ultimately leads to an improved relationship with all your customers.
Unlike traditional debt collection agencies, Ophelos provides customer-level insights to help you understand your customers financial situations in the most granular way possible.
Transparency matters - get real-time access to analytics about our engagement with your customers, whether it includes performance KPIs, compliance monitoring or predictive analytics.

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